Acupuncture Treatment

A typical treament takes approximately 1 hour. The patient's health is assessed  using traditional methods of diagnosis: questioning, pulse, abdominal and meridian palpation, all provide information that determines how we treat the individual person.

Treatments are safe, gentle and relaxing. We use ultra thin needles (single use) and herbal heat therapy (moxa) of the best quality to provide a safe and pain free experience. Children are treated with special painless paedatric tools.




Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is available as an added therapy. It can be useful to use, especially for chronic and complex conditions.

The herbal medicine I use is made from concentrated herbal granules that dissolve and can be easiiy taken.

They are of the highest quality and are made in Taiwan. They are free of pesticide and heavy metal residue. Please be aware that many herbal products of Chinese origin are not.


is a traditional heat therapy that is a great way to improve the immune system and human health. It has been proven to increase white and red blood cell count, so can be very useful for chronic and difficult to cure diseases. 

Commonly treated conditions:


Musculoskeletal: Injuries, back, neck, shoulder                          Headaches, sciatica, chronic pain


Womens Health: Fertility, Pregnancy, & IVF                               Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, general unwellness


Respiratory Problems: Asthma, hayfever, sinusitis                      Paediatrics: Childhood diseases, digestive, respiratory


Psychological wellbeing: stress, anxiety, depression                    Miscellaneous Problems, just ask if we can help!



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