How I started

My interest in oriental philosophy started when I left school, I became interested in Tai Chi, started a degree in Naturopathy and found myself reading about Chinese Medicine, and soon after changed my course of study.

I started acupuncture practice in Australia after graduating with a degree in Chinese Medicine from Victoria University (Melbourne). Since then I have been on a gradual learning curve, for more than 15 years working full time here in New Zealand and treating as many patients as I can to try to understand this ancient art. I have travelled to Japan on seven (and counting) occasions to deepen my knowledge and have had the privilege to study with many great teachers. 

What we do in acupuncture may seem mysterious, however there is a 'science' to what we do, a complete system of diagnosis and treatment. 

During a treatment  a systemised approach of analysis is undertaken  by the practitioner -questioning, pulse taking, abdominal palpation, disease pattern identification.

That is followed by the application of techniques (needles and moxa) where qi, the invisible but ever present energy that is the core of acupuncture is gently adjusted so that the body is able to return into a healthy (homeostatic) state of wellness. 

Part of the uniqueness of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture is that it is gentle and painless allowing people of all ages to be treated. It is a misconception that acupuncture is painful or has to be painful to be effective. 





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