About me

How I started

My interest in oriental philosophy started when I came across a copy of the Tao Teh Ching, when I was in high school. Later after a year of Naturopathy I realised I was much more interested in Chinese Medicine.

I started acupuncture practice in Australia after graduating with a degree in Chinese Medicine from Victoria University (Melbourne). I was drawn to a classical way of understanding that has been brought to us from the past by Ikeda Sensei. Since then I have been on a gradual learning curve, for more than 17 years working full time here in New Zealand,  honing my craft and studying in an effort to understand and be able to dispense this ancient art. I have traveled to Japan on eight occasions to deepen my knowledge and have had the privilege to study with many great teachers, namely Masakazu Ikeda sensei. 

I was also lucky enough in Australia to also begin studying the art of Taiji, about twenty five years ago in Byron Bay in the tradition of Master Huang (also a master of Chinese medicine) and Patrick Kelly. I continue that tradition in Auckland, at the Auckland Taiji School, The movements we practice are without a doubt in my mind one of the most profound and powerful forms of medicine that exists. Of particular interest to me is that in our Taiji the practitioner is treating themselves, avoiding healthcare, and leading to side effects such as a balanced state of mind and a healthy life. I teach the Saturday class, you are welcome to join.